Ръководства за тунинг

Добре е да се вдига нивото и да се разкрасяват Фичовците
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Ръководства за тунинг

Post by DeYaN » 15/01/2012, 17:59


На този линк можете да изтеглите книгата в PDF :arrow: http://www.bgideas.demon.co.uk/tmanual/index.htm


Copyright © 2007 - 2009 R.J.(Bob)Gayler


As the co-founder and Technical Director of Piper Cams from 1966 to 1990, I wrote the original Piper Tuning Manual and its updates for re-print.
I have been concerned with the theoretical and practical aspects of engine development for over forty years and although technically 'retired', have continuously assisted people who have been in touch with me to ask advice on just about all aspects of engine development, conversion, tuning and tweaking, particularly related to vintage cars and motorcycles.
After many requests, I have been persuaded to re-publish my experiences as the BG Tuning Manual and have decided to do it via the Internet. Being a trained engineer with 'bitter experience' knowledge of daily problems that beset the practical tuner, I am aware that, although scientific explanations of the various engine processes are important and enjoyed by the student, they can tend to cloud the 'grass-roots' information that gets the engine screwed together fast and reliably.
On the other hand, to achieve this result with confidence, it is necessary to understand some functions more deeply than others and it is with this thought in mind that the contents of the manual have been very carefully compiled to achieve what we hope you will agree is an acceptable balance.
So after all these years, the BG Tuning Manual has been revised and updated (slightly), as a concise collection of vital facts and figures, intended as a working basis for anyone intent on serious engine design, tuning or modification.
The information is based on the cumulative results of over thirty years of intensive engine reworking and testing and covers a range of engines from single cylinder two-strokes, through to V8 four-strokes. Most of it is out of date related to present day engine design, but the basic principles don't change and I'm assured that there are many vintage owners out there, just gasping for this kind of information. Well… I hope so!
REMEMBER… This is not aimed at budding F1 engine designers. All the references and pictures are based on historical experiences of the 70's and 80's.
Even so… some of this stuff never changes and will even apply to them.

Information is presented in a manner as 'painless' as possible and, where it is necessary to present a formula to help you to calculate the dimensions of a particular feature or individual function, it is simplified to asking for the minimum amount of input variables, each of which are explained in detail.
In the interests of not boring you with the fundamental operating principles and explanations of the phenomena that occur in the standard internal combustion engine, these have purposely been reduced to an absolute minimum in order to concentrate on the 'nuts and bolts' of efficient tuning.
It has been assumed that the reader has a basic working knowledge of engine components and their functions. Therefore space has not been wasted on the ordinary tuning process of standard or mildly modified engines, these being adequately covered in many other publications.


Ch.1. Power ­ Exactly what is it? Measuring power. The engine dynamometer. The rolling road. 1
Ch.2. Breathing ­ The induction system. Carburetion. Fuel injection. Manifolds. Inlet ports and valves. 10
Ch.3. Combustion ­ The power stroke. Compression ratio. Combustion chamber shape. Spark advance. Fuel and knock. Squish. 27
Ch.4. Breathing ­ The exhaust system. Pulse tuning and back pressure. Mufflers. 27
Ch.5. Breathing ­ The camshaft. Cam profile selection. Installation. Followers. Tappets. Rockers. Pushrods. Valves. Valve springs. Timing adjustment. 34
Ch.6. Ignition systems. Spark plugs. Electronic ignition and fuel management. 42
Ch.7. Supercharging ­ Turbochargers and positive drive superchargers. 47
Ch.8. Engine reliability ­ Specialised treatments, materials and processes. 52
Appendix A. Glossary of terms. 58
Appendix B. Calculations of power expressions and 61 Imperial/Metric equivalents. Useful approximations and comparisons. 60
Index. 61
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Ми той умрял, ма... Ко!? Не!!!

[22:17:55] 6liopar: оооооо, не мога аз на [душ] кабина!!! Имам клаустрофобия...
[22:18:33] tekilaaa: каква клаустрофобия бре!? 126 караш, за клаустрофобия ми говориш...

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Re: Ръководства за тунинг

Post by DeYaN » 15/01/2012, 18:27

"I don't have an opinion, I have a dyno." -David Vizard

Който иска да се светне по много проблеми на тунинга, доработването и конструирането на двигатели, да чете и слуша David Vizard. Особено интересно за нас е разглеждането на двигателите от А-серията на Мини, тъй като конструктивно са същите като на 126.

Това е страницата му, на която се обявяват семинарите, които води:
:arrow: http://www.davidvizardseminars.com/AboutDV.html

Ето библиографията му: :arrow: http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_ ... id+vizard#

А за да изгледате тази лекция, ви трябват няколко кани кафе или каса бира - по избор :mrgreen:

1 :arrow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1BZg6aC ... er&list=UL Въведение; Клапани - значението на въздушния поток; Филтрирането - защо трябва да се ползва филтър, защо K&N е най-добрият филтър и как действа;

2 :arrow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxccFiAQ ... er&list=UL Главата - формата на леглата на клапаните; Дълбочина на отваряне на клапаните;

3 :arrow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUIcEdIN ... er&list=UL За 2 и 4 клапана на цилиндър; Ъгъл на главата на клапана;

4 :arrow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCIwAJbo ... er&list=UL Грешки при портването; Размерът на клапаните; Степента на сгъстяване; Безоловният бензин и леглата на клапаните;

5 :arrow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWwCtT_C ... er&list=UL Октановото число и връзката с температурата на горивовъздушната смес, предварението на запалването

6 :arrow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NXl6dJB ... er&list=UL Разпределителните валове и газоразпределителният механизъм;

7 :arrow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BIhf4IA ... er&list=UL Разпределителните валове и газоразпределителният механизъм;

8 :arrow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LT1PeyJM ... er&list=UL Повдигачи и пружини на клапаните; Карта на налягането в цилиндъра;

9 :arrow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucLYU7z9 ... er&list=UL Предимствата на по-дългата биела; Карбураторите;

10 :arrow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6djTb02E ... er&list=UL Оловен/безоловен бензин; Бронзови водачи на клапаните; Определяне на правилната степен на сгъстяване; За и против водната инжекция;


Ми той умрял, ма... Ко!? Не!!!

[22:17:55] 6liopar: оооооо, не мога аз на [душ] кабина!!! Имам клаустрофобия...
[22:18:33] tekilaaa: каква клаустрофобия бре!? 126 караш, за клаустрофобия ми говориш...

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